HARIA SIVA PRASAD INSTITUTION, Heria, West Bengal, India and Contai, West Bengal, India

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Admission Going on for 2017-18 Session


1. Our school library is a point of pride in the locality. To be very frank, it is the miniature of our school. Really it is a store house of knowledge. Our school library is well-equipped with more then 500. Books of various aspects. We have a study room adjacent to the library. Students from class V to XII enjoy the facilities of text books, reference books and also vocational reference books, Moreover, we have plenty of story books, Novels, Auto-biographies, Biographies of great literary stalwarts, scientists, Sportsmen, national leaders of various nations, in library. Various daily newspapers, weekly magazine and periodicals on science, literature, and fiction are also available to the readers of specific tasted. Through we have no permanent librarian, yet I, with the help of my Academic Council, have been able to run our library smoothly.